Epiphany Energy Consulting


Consulting, Project Management and Systems Integration.


ETRM/ctrm Implementation

Successful implementations start with good business design.  Epiphany has implemented over 50 ETRM/CTRM vendor systems including OpenLink, Allegro and TriplePoint, the industry leaders.  Many of our engagements involve review of the initial implementation, and aligning business designs with application design, a detail frequently overlooked by large "cookie-cutter" consultancies with less experienced consultants. 

Numerous custom systems have also been developed and leverage our on-shore and off-shore partners for cost-effective development and testing.

business Process and Systems Integration

Systems integration requires that both business processes and functional requirements are well-understood so an application architecture and interfaces can be designed properly.  Epiphany has years of experience in integrating transaction capture systems with data warehouses and financial reporting systems.  We love to leverage internal IT departments, but will also provide access to on-site and off-site resources as requested.

Project Management

Epiphany has seasoned project managers from multiple industries and backgrounds.  As with business design, superior project management requires industry expertise so the Project Manager can not only report status, but also understands the underlying project deliverables and the interdependencies within the project.  Strong project management is critical for the success of any project.

Vendor Selection

Epiphany is experienced in ETRM/CTRM and ERP vendor selections for numerous industries.  If you have exposure to commodity prices as a producer, manufacturer or marketer, we can assist you.  Vendor selections are based on our vendor scoring methodology and we can provide the support to ensure that you select the right vendor(s) to meet your needs.  


Epiphany has the experience to help you identify new markets and strategies for attaining your corporate goals.  We specialize in the energy and commodities space, but also have experience in manufacturing and IT consulting.

ERP Implementations and Integration

Epiphany has CPAs on staff that have worked in dozens of corporate accounting groups and with multiple vendor ERP systems.  We do vendor selections and can recommend the right-size and right-functionality ERP systems to fit your accounting processing and financial reporting needs.

Business process improvement

Business process and workflow analysis is critical to understand your business and to find efficiencies.  We have experienced business process analysts and consultants that can evaluate your existing processes, recommend process improvements or automation of manual tasks.  Let Epiphany assist you in designing efficient processes and implementing them on time and on budget.

Staff augmentation

Epiphany has a strong resource pool of industry and platform experts that can supplement your existing project team.  Our experts span project management, business design, strategy, architecture, development and DBAs.  Our resources can be contracted on a short- or long-term basis.